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On these web pages we would like to inform you about our service and product offer as well as about our trade. Besides the trade with tires for vintage cars (old cars of the years before 1980) and youngsters (cars of the 1980s), on which we are specialized (TRX, diagonal, and bead tires, too), we also produce white wall tires out of normal black tires. Our process consists in vulcanizing white (or colored) raw rubber onto new black tires and then abrade the new rubber into ringform. We are not dealing with ornamental plasic rings that can be mounted between rim and tire because they are not licensed for traffic use. Our process only works with new tires.

  On the sub pages About us you can find some information about the history of our company (Moeller Reifen-Service, Tire-Service in Hamburg until december 2005, then Oldtimer- und Weisswandreifen, Vintage and White Wall Tires Harald Moeller in Quickborn). If you are interested in our service offer you will find a summary on Our service. Especially for our trade vulcanizer and tire-mechanic* we have put together some useful information. If you would like to meet us in person, please check out the page about fairs and shows. Finally you will find a description of how to find us in Quickborn. There are also our contact information and our business hours.

  We wish you a pleasant stay on our web pages and thank you for your visit. We are thankful for suggestions or commentaries about our presence here and hope seeing you some time.


  Harald Moeller

* In Germany we still have the old craft tradition of apprendiceship known to all medieval Europe: There are highly trained experts ("masters" or "Meister" in German) of each craft organized in guilds ("Innung"; local boards of expert craftsmen registered by a national board or union) who take apprendices ("Lehrling") for three or four years. These apprendices learn everything about their craft from their "masters" and will finally have an examen in front of their guild. By passing it they become technicals ("Gesellen") of that craft and may travel through the country for three years and one day working allways at some "masters" of their craft along the way for some time and gaining experience (for carpenters they sometimes are called yourneymen). And after working for several years in positions with responsibility they can ask for further training and teaching and a final examen to become highly trained experts (="masters") of their own.

Telephone:+49(0) 4106 - 618 880 Telefax: +49(0) 4106 - 618 881
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