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   I, Harald Moeller, am working in the business of vulcanization and tire-mechanics since 1964 and have recieved my trade master diploma* at the age of 24. In unregulary intervals I have taken young apprendices to teach them my trade and help them pass the technical school. In that way my son Marco recieved his technical diploma* in 1996 as best of Hamburg and second best of Germany. My daughter Nadin, too, recieved her technical diploma in 2001 - also as best of Hamburg - and, two years later, her trade master diploma* of vulcanization and tire-mechanics.

  Already in the beginning of my work in the tire branch I was interested in old and older cars and their tires. Finally while re-treading tires I had the idea of reviving wite wall tires, which were already out of fashion by that time. Although new tires were then only produced with black walls lots of customers still wanted white wall tires on their cars. After years of research I finally had the breakthrough: My process was practicable, the white rubber was chemically identical to the black tire rubber and the safety and durability was not changed.to come Schon zu Beginn meiner Tätigkeit in der Reifenbranche. In 1985 I then opened the firm Moeller Reifen-Service, Tire-Service, in Kieler Strasse 570 in Hamburg, Germany, and specialized myself in Vintage cars and Youngsters - in tires/wheels and in wheel alignment.

  In 2001 I built a new garage in Quickborn (10 minutes north of Hamburg) in a newly developed industrial area. In that building my wife Elke and my daughter Nadin opened up a business focussing mainly on modern cars/tires. In the following years I was able to make an exclusive deal with the tire producer Michelin: Since then I am distributing vintage tires of Michelin in Germany and give the customers consultation on the phone. Besides the trade I have refined and improved my process of fabricating white wall tires in the meantime, I have developed other colors (red, green, blue) and sold them Europe-wide (and to oversea). Even a high speed test (for V-tires; up to 240 km/h) was made with the result of no difference to normal black tires in respect to safetyx and durability.

  In the end the garage in Hamburg became to small and so in december 2005 I moved to Quickborn, too - on a side next to that of my daughters company.

  If you have any questions about me, my company or my process of vulcanizing white or colored wall tires, please don't hesitate and send me an Email to mail@moeller-reifenservice.de. I hope you enjoy your stay on these pages and would like to see you as a new client soon.
* In Germany we still have the old craft tradition of apprendiceship known to all medieval Europe: There are highly trained experts ("masters" or "Meister" in German) of each craft organized in guilds ("Innung"; local boards of expert craftsmen registered by a national board or union) who take apprendices ("Lehrling") for three or four years. These apprendices learn everything about their craft from their "masters" and will finally have an examen in front of their guild. By passing it they become technicals ("Gesellen") of that craft and may travel through the country for three years and one day working allways at some "masters" of their craft along the way for some time and gaining experience (for carpenters they sometimes are called yourneymen). And after working for several years in positions with responsibility they can ask for further training and teaching and a final examen to become highly trained experts (="masters") of their own.

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