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Cleaning and care



Dear customer, please you consider the following references:


very importantly!

No contact of the white wall or multicolored wall with other tires

White wall tires are a beautiful thing, as long as the rings are white. White wall tires require the care. We clean white wall rings e.g. with Akupatz or Abrazo. These are full-soaped cleaning cushions from fine steel wool. (To find in drugstore markets for cleaning pans and pots.) Scrubbing milk goes also.

In the case of strong contamination, e.g., we take sandpaper with 180er granulation to brake dust in connection with water. After the procedure the surface becomes rau. Do not seal the white wall rings with silicone (e.g. spray from the building market), it lock the pores and the rings now become so fast dirty any longer.

Originial white wall tires ex factory have mostly a blue protection color, which are to protect the white ring against contamination. This blue color is water soluble, it can with a rauen sponge or with a brush be removed.

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